Biogia's Personal Portable Hygiene System

Soap and  clean water is, and has always been, the preferred method of maintaining good personal hygiene. Today, our daily lives take us many places where there may not be easy access to soap and  clean water. That is the reason Biogia Warming Wipe Technology was created. For all those events from school plays to a night out on the town, Biogia Wipes are extendible to many categories and uses. The possibilities are numerous and only Biogia has the patent to achieve a broad range of applications. From Top to Bottoms, Biogia Warming Wipes are your safe and effective solution for cleanliness and personal hygiene. Available in  non-alcohol and alcohol-based formulations.

Biogia Patented Warming Wipe Technology

When soap and water is not available, Biogia's Patented Warming Wipe  Technology is the next logical step in the war against germs, killing 99% of germs on contact as well as most biocides and contact viruses. The Biogia Patent allows for formulations to address most major applications that are currently matters of concern for the health and well-being of us all. Biogia Warming Wipes also provide a safe and effective means for cleaning personal areas when using restrooms.

Biogia Warming Technology can be achieved in two forms

The first is a microwavable wipe that features safe sensors that tell users when the wipe is at a safe temperature for use. The second, more advanced technology is exothermic, where two isolated elements can be mixed to provide a self heating wipe that can be available to use anywhere, anytime.

Multiple advanced formulations are possible to address wipes that are non-cytotoxic, non-irritating, safe for mucous membranes and other sensitive areas of the body, and also safe  and effective for hygienic, sanitary use that helps prevent transmission of bacteria from one person to the next. With the addition of warming technology, Biogia presents the ability add comfort to the equation for children and others with a gentle warmth that can "Take the Mean Out of Clean!"

Advancement is Created by Seizing Opportunity

Biogia owns the patented technology for a portable warming wipe system that is  antibacterial, safe, effective and hygienic.

Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.
                     -Peter Drucker

Currently the market is overloaded with ineffective wipes. Biogia changes all that with a visionary approach that makes every aspect of the product development conception a priority of the Biogia Development Team. There is no product currently on the market that has the ability to offer solutions to an ever-growing market segment like those protected by our patent. As our name (Biogia) implies, "Life is a precious gift".  And to that end, we see the equal importance of good business and great product development that creates new  categories and serves real needs of everyone.

Biogia Health  is Seeking Strategic Partners

Biogia Health desires a strategic alliance partner who see's and feel's not only the added value and differentiation, but the broad industry applications which are provided by our proprietary " personal portable hygiene system" which has package design and hygiene technology to not only reduce touch contamination but to provide a convenient global market growth and margin opportunity available to the right partner(s).

Potential Categories

Hotties For Kids

Kid cleanups  in the car, after play dates, or after eating are not for the faint of heart. It's not fun for your kids either. Hotties Hot Towels takes " The Mean out of Clean!"

Hotties For Adults

Attending a big public event or maybe it's something a little more private you have in mind. Hotties for Adults has lightly fragranced essential oils to add that something extra.

Biogia Active

Biogia Active Wipes refresh you with essential oils and all natural ingredients to help you maintain your active lifestyle.

Biogia Beauty

You need a quick freshen-up and time is limited? Biogia Beauty Wipes are the perfect solution in your purse, car, briefcase, laptop bag, . . . wherever. 

Hi,I'm Hottie!

I'm the Face of Biogia Health.

What are we thinking?

Here's more possibilities.

Bidet Warm Wipes  Feminine Care Warm Wipes  • Warm Shaving Kit Wipes  
Anti-Anxiety Warm Wipes for Airline Flights  Warm Wipes for Acne Treatment
 Kachooz's  MRSA H1N1  Anti-Viral Wipes   Etiquette (Dining) Warm Wipes

Biogia Gold

Biogia Gold Wipes are specially formulated to be gentle and meet the unique needs of seniors with a larger wipe.

Biogia Healthcare

Biogia Healthcare Warming Wipes are formulated to meet health standards in hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics,  anywhere sanitary conditions must be maintained.

Biogia UrgentCare

Biogia UrgentCare Wipes are designed tough to hold up to the specific requirements of those in emergency response and care.

Biogia Industrial

BIG (Biogia Industrial Green) Wipes are infused with grime cutting ingredients that are bio-friendly and won't harm your eyes face or skin.