Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

The Past, Present and Future of World Hygiene



Our Mission

More than 23 years ago, the idea of Hot Towel Technology was born on a flight to Japan. The original idea was to educate  elementary-aged children and younger worldwide  about the importance of clean hands, touch contamination and the spreading of germs. We wanted to make it fun and enjoyable so they would look forward it and make it a daily habit. That same goal has become the mission of Biogia today. With the vast difference in the world we live in today compared to the world then, we are even more committed to the need to do our part to make a safer and healthier planet for us all.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a worldwide brand that will help reverse the trend of growing numbers of deaths and outbreaks of diseases that are  caused unnecessarily because of the lack of education, and proper products and to take advantage of the technology that is available with Biogia.  We also have a vision to help slow down the spread of infectious disease through teaching proper hygiene worldwide.  However, with population growth over the years, there are new and potentially much more devastating  challenges that we face and even larger challenges ahead for the generations to come. Join with us in our commitment to creating a healthy space for the children of the world.